onsdag 1. april 2009

When Azeroth is too big.

People who have bothered themselves with trying to find out the actual size of Azeroth (the gameworld in WoW fyi), have concluded that is quite small. If you use people and buildings as the items setting the scale, each continent is about the size of Manhattans (Aarseth 2008).

Its tiny.

So why am I having such a hard time to get to terms with it?
Looking forward there seems just too many things I wish to bring forward to the academic limelight, too many people, practices and technologies I wish to discuss. On these small digital islands size does not seem to matter.

Perhaps its exactly because of the "small space" that they end up being so closely linked, so hard to untangle and separate.

It does sometime feel a bit crowded.

Aarseth, Espen (2008): World of Warcraft as Spatial Practice in Rettberg og Corneliussen (ed): "Digital Culture, Play and Identity. The World of Warcraft reader."

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